Why Does Seeing Food Make Your Mouth Water?

You’ve just taken a devil’s food cake out of the oven and set it on the counter to cool. Moment by moment, your house fills with the unmistakable, diet-crushing aroma of chocolate, and your mouth begins to water. Have you ever wondered why? Actually, saliva has a number of functions, including lubricating the food we eat, helping us to chew, and helping us taste food. It also contains enzymes that begin the digestion process before we even swallow. Serous saliva — which is what helps us eat — is nearly all water. That’s what floods into your mouth at the smell, sight, or thought of delicious food. Making saliva is your body’s way to yelling excitedly about the food in front of you. "WE’RE GONNA EAT!" says your brain. “WE’RE GONNA EAT CAKE!” your salivary glands agree. What happens next is up to you.