Vegan Food Company Offers Meat Eater $68,000 to Go Vegan for 3 Months

A popular plant-based meal subscription service is offering the UK’s biggest meat-eater the chance to earn $68,000 by going vegan for three months. Vibrant Vegan recently announced that it’s on the lookout for a Vegan Curious Coordinator — a die-hard meat eater who is willing to sign a contract pledging not to consume any animal-based foods, while giving veganism a go on social media. Because it’s tough for a lifelong meat-eater to switch to a vegan diet, the company has chosen to offer a generous salary, provide unlimited vegan meals, and have a nutritionist on hand to make sure the vegan convert is getting all the nutrients they need from the new diet. At the end of the three months, the Vegan Curious Coordinator will be asked if they wish to remain vegan for the rest of 2021. If the answer is yes, Vibrant Vegan will supply them with $136,000 worth of vegan meals to last them a lifetime — on the condition that they prove their pledge with social media posts and a food diary. The winner will be announced on January 25th and the 3-month vegan trial will begin on February 1. Interested meat-eaters can apply here: