The Unsolved Mystery of a Massachusetts Library's Baked Potatoes

As if out of a Sherlock Holmes novel or an Agatha Christy classic, a mystery emerged outside the Wayland Free Public Library in Wayland, Mass., recently and has since gained national attention. The front lawn of the library had begun accumulating what appeared to be perfectly baked russet potatoes. The first potato appeared on January 11th, and just two days later a second spud popped up. None of the staff can imagine how they got there. From a nearby raccoon foraging in someone’s compost heap to a friendly black bear leaving offerings, people chimed in with their theories. “A game of hot potato gone awry?” one person asked. The truth behind the appearance of the starchy spuds has yet to be uncovered, but Andy Moore, Assistant Director of the library, says that because the vegetables haven’t caused any harm, the staff plans to leave them where they are for now.