The Television Set You’ve Likely Never Heard Of

According to Nielsen, 96.2% of American homes have at least one television set. That’s a long way from the 9% of Americans who owned a TV set in 1950. As much progress as we think we’ve made, it may surprise you to learn that in 1954 there was television that let you watch two programs at one time. That was the year that DuMont came out with the “Duoscopic” TV set that enabled two different programs on the same set, simultaneously. So, how did it work? There were two TV sets in one cabinet, with mirrors and polarizing filters to combine the images. By wearing polarized glasses, two people could watch different programs at the same time. The set was priced at $600, which today would be $5,731.76. At that price, it made more sense for couples to just buy two TV sets and sit in separate rooms.