The Stream That Swallows People

Between Barden Tower and Bolton Abbey in Yorkshire, England, lies one of nature’s most dangerous booby traps. It’s a small innocuous-looking mountain stream, about six feet across, known as Bolton Strid, or simply the Strid. Below the water’s surface is a deep chasm with powerful undercurrents that pull anybody who falls into it to certain death. It’s believed that not a single person who has fallen into the Strid has ever come out alive, and their bodies have never been found. In less than 100 yards, the “small” stream expands to a substantial river 30 feet across. That’s the River Wharf, which runs through Yorkshire. When it comes to the area of Bolton Abbey, the river is forced through a narrow gap, causing the water to gain tremendous speed and depth. Hidden underneath is a network of caverns and tunnels that hold all of the rest of the river's water. Nobody really knows how deep the Strid goes. There are warnings signs on trees around the area discouraging people from attempting the leap. Still, there are plenty of stories of individuals slipping and getting sucked mercilessly into the underwater caves and eroded tunnels, never to resurface.