Life-changing "Backward Walker" is Helping People Move Forward

As a lifelong innovator, Rob Karlovich had a vision for a revolutionary new walking aid that was inspired by a news story about disabled veterans returning from Afghanistan. They were people who were once able to move with agility, but now were struggling just to walk safely with the traditional walkers available to them. Rob realized that all the available mobility devices has two fundamental problems. First, they threw people off their center of gravity, forcing them to lean forward, which then made them unstable and more likely to fall. Second, they required using your hands to operate them, limiting daily activities such as cooking, cleaning, gardening, dancing and even hugging. To solve these problems, Rob flipped the traditional walker concept upside-down — backward, to be exact. Following five years of real-world trials by over 2,000 users, the LifeGlider has officially launched. The LifeGlider, which is FDA approved as a mobility device, sells for $695, but the company also sells refurbished devices for $495, plus shipping, at