New Disney Bakery Opens Featuring a Half-Pound Cookie

If the idea of Disney desserts has you picturing kid-friendly sundaes and chocolate-dunked Mickey bars, you’re in for an even bigger surprise. Now open at Disney World is Gideon’s Bakehouse, offering peanut butter cold brew, secret cakes that require a password, and half-pound cookies that attract hours-long waits. Each half-pound cookie takes over 24 hours to make and has serious heft. The magic of the cookie is a middle that’s delightfully soft — like the yolk of a soft-boiled egg — done to perfection each and every time. Of course, the gigantic cookies don’t come cheap. Each one — whether the coffee toffee chocolate chip, original chocolate chip, pistachio chocolate chip, peanut butter crunch, triple chocolate chip, cookies & cream, or candied walnut — will set you back a whopping $5. Finish it in one sitting and your day will be……well…..over.