Declared Dead in 2017, French Woman Spends 3 Years Proving She’s Alive

According to France’s administration records, Jeanne Pouchain has not existed since 2017, when she was declared dead following a long-standing legal dispute. In 2004, a court ruled that Pouchain was to pay a former employee of her cleaning company $16,950 in damages after she was reportedly let go from her job after the firm lost a major contract. Pouchain’s attorney claims her company had no responsibility for the dismissal. Snowballing judicial errors ended with the 2017 ruling by the Appeals Court of Lyon that Pouchain was no longer alive after they received a letter from the former employee saying Pouchain was declared officially deceased. Pouchain claims the employee lied about her death in order to be able to claim the damages from her estate. Meanwhile, neither Pouchain nor her husband are able to access their bank account, nor can she renew her identification card, driver’s license or health insurance. Pouchain remains stubbornly hopeful that her attorney’s bid to overturn the judgement will succeed. “It’s my last chance to recover my life,” she said.