A Mom’s Simple Trick For Ripening a Hard Avocado in Just 10 Minutes

An Australian mother has revealed how she softens her un-ripe avocados in just 10 minutes. She posted her secret tip on Facebook — which means it ceases to be secret — and all you need is an air fryer and some foil. The unidentified woman said she discovered the hack one night when she couldn’t find a ripe avocado for her guacamole after making tacos for dinner. She avoided disaster by using her air fryer to ripen it. First she covered the avocado in foil and turned her air fryer to 395º for 10 minutes. When it came out, it was easy to mash. She admits that it does change the taste and texture a bit, and she would also recommend that it be cooled in the refrigerator first. Of course, the best way to enjoy an avocado is to allow it to ripen naturally. Another tip is to store your ripened avocados in the refrigerator to keep them from going bad too quickly.