Where is Steve Jobs buried? Fans Hunt For His Unmarked Grave

Simple gravestones dot Alta Mesa Memorial Park, a century-old cemetery in the heart of Silicon Valley. On them are names dating back to Civil War veterans and the area’s early inhabitants, sharing space with technology pioneers. Steve Jobs is there, too, but his name isn't. At his family’s request, his grave is unmarked and the cemetery will not reveal its location. That hasn’t stopped people from trying to find it. Fans from all over the world have made pilgrimages to the Palo Alto cemetery and shared their experiences online. A book resides in the cemetery office’s lobby, with dozens of messages written to Jobs and this warning on the first page: “We appreciate your kind thoughts and wishes for Mr. Jobs, but with consideration for the privacy requested by his family, we do not divulge his burial location here at Alta Mesa.” Jobs and his family are not alone. There are an untold number of unmarked burial sites within the 111-year-old cemetery, where celebrities like Shirley Temple are also laid to rest. According to the cemetery, there are no current plans to add a grave marker to Jobs’ grave.