Unusual Home Depot Store Caters To Film and TV Industry

The demand for construction materials for television and movie sets is growing so quickly that Home Depot opened a special store just outside of Atlanta in 2015. It’s located inside the gates of Pinewood Studios in Fayetteville and is a quieter store than the typical Home Depot. That’s because the store is on an active studio, so there is no public access. Nevertheless, the store stays quite busy. There are some 40 odd productions filming at any given time in and around Atlanta, and that means supplies are constantly in demand. The staff at the store is called “the cast” and they have to sign a non-disclosure agreement to keep production details secret. “Customers” of the store include producers, directors, construction coordinators, painters, grips, stunt people, and occasionally a star or two. The store is about half the size of a regular Home Depot, with extra room for bulk materials like lumber for building sets. The store also gets its fair share of unusual requests, like the casting agent who called and ordered more than a thousand hand warmers to make an outdoor set more comfortable for the extras. The studio store is the only Home Depot store that caters to a single industry, and it’s a growing industry that takes construction to work.