The World’s Smallest Target Store

If you’re driving down the highway near Marathon, Texas and see the familiar Target “bullseye” in the distance, you might think you’re seeing a mirage and get a jolt of excitement. Hold your horses — what you’re likely seeing is the world’s smallest Target store, which quietly opened in a former railroad structure along US 90. Sometime in early 2016, someone painted a bullseye and the word Target on the side of a former railroad structure. Considered an art installation, the empty store carries little more than a beehive and the occasional rattlesnake. No, there’s no Starbucks inside this Target. It’s still a mystery as to who's behind the inception of this latest tiny store art installation, as no artist has come forward to claim the project and there’s no telling how long it will last. Currently, it’s become a sought-after photo op for locals and visitors alike. Incidentally, it appears as though the closest legitimate Target to Marathon is in Odessa, which is more than a 2-hour drive away.