The Fugitive Who Lived in a Homemade Bunker Powered By a Bicycle

Running from the cops is never a good idea, but a Wisconsin man managed to delay his inevitable capture by over three years by hiding out in a homemade bunker built into a hillside. In 2016, Jeremiah Button disappeared just two weeks before his trial for assault was to begin. He left a note for his family, explaining that he was traveling to Florida. Instead, he remained in Wisconsin and went to work digging a cave-like home into the side of a hill on public land not far from his home. The shelter was surprisingly sophisticated, complete with a working TV, radio, multiple lights, and fans. Solar panels scattered on top of the hill fed batteries in the bunker via extension cords. When clouds blocked the power source, Button would pedal his homemade generator made from a bicycle. The bunker was within walking distance of a nearby junkyard, and Button frequently scavenged electronics and other equipment that had been discarded. For water, he made a makeshift well by digging a hole and lining it with sand and charcoal to filter it. Then, he would boil the water before using it. Button was captured when a hunter stumbled across the hut and notified authorities. At his trial, Button was sentenced to 30 years in prison. Meanwhile, his bunker was dismantled by police.