Meet The Cat That Rescued a Tourist Lost In the Swiss Alps

There are those who say cats can't be relied upon because they’re only out for themselves, but the tale of a Hungarian hiker has refuted that suggestion. That’s because it was a friendly feline in the Swiss resort of Gimmelwald that led the hiker from the mountains to safety when he suffered a sprained ankle and lost his way. The hiker, who wishes to remain anonymous, happened upon the black and white cat when exploring the Bernese Oberland and discovering that the only trail back to town had been closed. The cat seemingly sensed the hiker’s confusion and decided to lead the way down the side of the mountain. Once the pair reached the path in the village, the cat went on his way. The hiker posted an account of his encounter on social media, which led others to reveal that they, too, had met the cat and discovered that it actually belongs to the owners of one of the hostels in town.