Japan’s “Coupon Man” Has Been Living Almost Exclusively on Coupons for 36 Years

We all love coupons and vouchers, but can you imagine living on them almost exclusively for almost four decades? A Japanese man claims to have been doing just that for the past 36 years, adding that he hasn’t spent a yen of his own money during that time. Hiroto Kiritani, 71, is a minor celebrity in his home country of Japan because of his ability to live comfortably on coupons. He says he gets by without spending his own money except for utilities and rent. He’s not as frugal as you might think; he just manages to live comfortably on the coupons he receives from companies he's invested in over the years. He got into stock investment when he was 35 and bought his first stock in 1984. Unfortunately, in 1989 the Nikkei Stock Average crashed and he lost 100 million yen ($962,870). It was a terrible blow, but it helped him to discover a wealth of investor benefits. That’s because as long as the profitability of a company remains above a certain threshold, shareholders qualify for certain benefits offered in the form of coupons and vouchers. Kiritani's coupons he earned were more than enough for him to get by. For example, one coupon allows him to go to the cinema for free 300 times a year, another offers free gym membership, and yet another allows him to buy vegetables. He owns stock in over 1,000 Japanese companies and corporations, so he has coupons for just about everything.