Island Donkeys That Wear Pajamas

On a remote island off the west coast of France, the locals have a curious custom of dressing their donkeys in pajamas every morning. The donkeys don’t seem to mind, though, because the pajamas actually help keep mosquitoes and other bugs from biting their legs. Most of the donkeys on Ile de RĂ© are of the shaggy Poitou variety. Their thick hair and large size make them easily distinguishable from more common donkeys. The Poitou were originally meant for breeding, but eventually became common workers throughout Europe. By 1977, only 44 Poitou were left in the world, but since then the breed has made a comeback, and now there are over 450 known to exist worldwide. Though the donkeys don’t work the salt fields anymore, Islanders continue to dress them in pajamas. The donkey pajamas are synonymous with the island and help draw tourists.