Why Usain Bolt Ate Chicken Nuggets For Every Meal At the Beijing Olympics

Chefs and time-honored restaurants in Beijing were looking to show off the best of Chinese cuisine in 2008 when they hosted the Olympics. The Beijing Organizing Committee for the Games of the 29th Olympiad announced that an exhibition on Chinese cuisine would be open throughout the Olympics in the Olympic village to showcase China's culinary culture. Upon arriving at the pre-Olympic training camp, Usain Bolt tried a local Chinese meal and his body didn’t react well. Knowing he could rely on McDonald’s chicken nuggets, he decided that’s all the would eat. In fact, he ate them for breakfast, lunch and dinner, estimating that he ate about 1,000 chicken nuggets throughout the Olympics and washed them down with water. What's surprisingly is that McDonald’s didn’t capitalize on that by featuring him in their commercials.