Why Beekeepers Are Careful About When They Eat Bananas

Ah, the things that science teaches us. In this case, it’s that bees use smell to communicate who they are and what others around them should do. It’s so strong that when other species coat themselves in the scent of bees they’ve just eviscerated, the hive will welcome them in — no matter what they look like. Honeybees know that a queen is missing from the hive when her scent fades. When a bee stings a person, they leave a scent mark on their victim, and that tells other bees that there’s danger there. The scent actually smells a lot like bananas, which is why beekeepers never eat bananas when they’re going to be around the bees. They can’t even use hair or skin products that are banana-scented. Unfortunately, at least one novice beekeeper was actually been killed after eating a banana on her cereal for breakfast and then tending to the bees. The bees immediately attacked her, eventually stinging her to death. If you want to decrease the risk, bees are repelled by the scent of almonds, so cover yourself in almond oil. You’ll get smooth skin as a bonus.