Website Offers Chance To "Live Under A Rock" During Election Week

An accommodation-booking website is offering weary voters an escape from "election stress disorder" with the opportunity to "live under a rock" for the week of the election. said the Nov. 2-7 stay in a man-made cave 50 feet below ground in New Mexico will be available to book on its website on a first-come, first-served basis at 9 a.m. Friday. The opportunity is perfect for those who are experiencing election stress disorder, which is apparently a real thing. The 5-night stay costs an Abraham Lincoln-inspired $5 per night. Yes, the whole election week will only cost you $25 plus tax. After you've cast your ballot, you can check out of the newsfeed negativity and check into the man-made cave. They will also be offering a 20% discount on selected properties with "rock" in the name using the coupon code "UnderARock" starting Friday morning.