"Unsolved Mysteries" Is Still Being Updated

More than 30 years ago, actor Robert Stack found a way to embellish Eliot Ness’s legacy in the modern area. The solution was through a show named Unsolved Mysteries, one of the first reality-based shows of the modern era, mixing scripted plots with true stories. First appearing as a special in 1987, it became a full-fledged series. While the show focused on its share of crime tales, it also would touch upon softer stories as well. If it was a mystery that hadn’t been solved yet, they would cover it. Amazingly, the mysteries are still being updated. The result of this shift means that the show on Netflix is not the same the show it was in 1988. It’s a new experience because the crimes are being updated. To date, Unsolved Mysteries has helped solve over 260 cold cases with the help of tips made online. Unsolved Mysteries Volume 2 was released on Monday, Oct. 19th on Netflix and includes six new unsolved cases.