TV Crew Saves Real-Life Castaway on Remote Australian Island

While filming on a remote island in Australia, the host and crew of Animal Planet’s River Monsters came upon a man who had been stranded there, likely saving his life. Jeremy Wade, the show’s host, said they saw a blue and white plastic cooler sitting on some rocks, which they thought was a bit strange. One of the crew made a joke, saying maybe they were going to see Tom Hanks suddenly appear, referencing the movie Castaway. The next thing they knew, a man appeared looking wild and ragged and staggering down the beach toward them. The man — known only as Tremine — had been stranded on Barranyi North Island and had been there for two days after losing track of his boat while digging for oysters. He quickly became dehydrated in the 110º weather, but had no other injuries. Wade said it was unlikely anyone else would have stumbled across the man. Tremine, meanwhile, said he believes he was rescued because he spent his time praying.