This Unauthorized Burger King Ad Is Going Viral For How Good It Is

Burger King is notoriously good when it comes to advertising and social media stunts. Remember the time they had the weirdest conversation on Twitter with Budweiser, where it got crazier with each message? What about the time they released that ad showing how their new Whopper would look in 34 days (hint: rotten), showing that being ugly is sometimes a good thing in the food industry, which clearly highlighted how they only use fresh (and perishable) ingredients. This time, the commercial doesn’t come from Burger King itself, but from film director Daniel Kontur. On a website with ready-to-shoot TV commercial scripts from creatives at top ad agencies, Kontur found the script from an unauthorized commercial written by Dan Sorgen. Kontur said he came up with the short commercial to show that he’s capable as a film director, and people are “lovin’ it.” A whopping 104,000 upvotes later, you can be sure Whoppers will be flying off the shelves.