This Kitchen Appliance Acts As a Fridge AND Cooks Your Meals

With all of life’s daily demands, there’s usually not a lot of time left for meal preparation, and oftentimes families choose to have food delivered instead of cooking. There are plenty of companies that capitalize on that — such as Blue Apron, Freshly, HelloFresh, and Home Chef — but not many have a device that's capable of refrigerating and cooking your food — timed to when you want it to be ready. The team at Suvie has built just such a device. Kitchen Robot — their combo fridge/sous vide oven — can keep your food at refrigerator-cold temperatures, and then cook it according to the time you set. It uses water to keep your food cold, then heats it up to start boiling and steaming to bring everything up to temperature. It can then drain that water, if you're making something like pasta, and even broil foods like chicken or vegetables to give them caramelization and color. Each of the four drawers inside can be controlled independently, ensuring that each part of the meal cooks to where it needs to be. Of course, a device like this does come with a hefty price tag — $1,200, to be exact — but that's cheaper than a private chef.