The Building That Melted a Jaguar

In 2013, Martin Lindsay parked his Jaguar on a street in London, but when he returned two hours later, he found that part of his car — including the side-view mirror and Jaguar emblem — had melted. It turns out that a 37-story skyscraper — nicknamed the “Walkie-Talkie” building because of its shape — was to blame. The concave design of the 525-foot-tall building focused a beam of light that was six times brighter than sunlight onto the pavement below, which heated to nearly 250º F in certain spots. On the windshield of Lindsay’s Jaguar was a note from the construction company working on the building, stating: “Your car’s buckled. Could you give us a call?” In the end, the construction company paid for the damages and the $250 million building was fitted with a sunshade to deflect sunlight.