Smartphone Case Lets You Turn Your Old iPhone Into the New iPhone 12

The new Apple iPhone 12 was only announced a few days ago, but if you can’t wait until its official launch, or if you can’t afford to buy it when it comes out, you can simply make your old iPhone look like the new one. The new case basically turns older Apple smartphones — like the iPhone X or iPhone 11 — into a replica of the yet-to-be-released iPhone 12. They are reportedly available at $67 for the iPhone X case and $52 for the iPhone 11 case. Those are actually some pretty steep prices for smartphone cases, but then again, they're aimed at people who want to impress their friends or online followers, and attention doesn’t come cheap. Also, this isn’t just a protective case that goes over your phone. It actually replaces the exterior of your handheld to create the illusion that you own an iPhone 12. Obviously, the transformation is only aesthetic, but as is often the case with Apple products, it’s all about showing off.