Ontario Gas Station Mixes Up Diesel and Premium, Ruining Some Drivers’ Cars

Accidentally putting diesel fuel into your gas engine just might be one of the few things scarier than watching The View. It’s the same with putting gasoline into your diesel engine. Customers of a Hamilton, Ontario, gas station, can tell you just how frightening that is. That’s because U Plus Gas says its supplier, Econo Petroleum, made an error that resulted in a diesel pump pumping out premium gas and the premium tank pumping out diesel. Though diesel pumps are fitted with a larger nozzle to prevent the chance of someone pumping it into their gasoline car, the error was made in the tank below ground. While explaining to affected customers that the supplier would correct the mistake, that’s not a mistake that’s easy to correct. The fuels work in two very different ways, and once they’ve entered your engine, the havoc begins. One customer, who filled her 2014 Audi at the station, said immediately after leaving the station her car began sputtering and making squealing noises. Both fuels must be ignited to perform, but diesel uses air compression and gasoline requires a spark plug. If you put diesel in your gas engine, it will chug along until any gas is burned and then stop: your car won’t fire the diesel. Econo Petroleum better get out its checkbook.