Now You Can Buy a "Half Christmas Tree’”

While Christmas is still a couple of months away, why not get a head start on what you’ll be doing for it this year. If you’re one of those people who hate decorating the back of your Christmas tree — since nobody sees it anyway — there’s good news for you. Now there’s something called the "half Christmas tree" that’s literally a Christmas tree that’s vertically sawed in half to save space. Catalog company Hammacher Schlemmer is now offering the Against-The-Wall Christmas Tree for purchase from their online store. The artificial PVC and PE Christmas tree has 822 branches and tips, and to make things even easier, it comes with 350 pre-strung LED lights rated to work 25,000 hours. The tree measures 6½ feet tall, 3½ feet wide, and 1½ feet in depth and weighs around 30 pounds. Unfortunately, you won’t get the tree for half the price. It runs a hefty $249.95.