Netflix Has Ended Its 30-Day Free Trials in the U.S.

Gone are the days when you could fly through a few seasons of Stranger Things on Netflix and then cancel your 30-day free trial before you got charged. That’s because the streaming giant has put an end to free trials in the U.S. Though plenty of streaming services reel in subscribers with free trials, a full month of complimentary access seems to be a relic of the industry’s earlier days. Amazon Prime and Hulu both still offer 30-day trials, while newer platforms like HBO Max and NBCUniversal’s Peacock start charging after only a week. It’s not clear why Netflix decided to stop free trials, but it’s worth pointing out that the company has picked up the rights to several high-profile blockbusters that aren’t getting a wide release in cinemas because of the pandemic. With a free trial, would-be theatergoers could essentially watch them without paying a dime. With no free trial, those people might be willing to spring for a subscription.