Meet the Man With a World Record For the Most Body Modifications

A man from Germany has set a Guinness World Record for the largest number of body modifications. Rolf Buchholz has more than 516 body modifications, and he says he’s not done altering his body yet. Rolf, who works in information technology for a telecom company, said he began his journey of body modification at the age of 40, when he began with a single tattoo. In more than 20 years since that time, he’s been rendered virtually unrecognizable. He has several piercings along his lips and eyebrows, two small horns on his forehead, as well as tattoos and subdermal implants. He first came to public attention after he was turned away at the Dubai Airport in 2014, where he landed and was on his way to a hotel appearance. A spokesman for the hotel said Rolf was scheduled to appear, but despite attempts to win permission for him to enter the emirate, they were declined.

Buccholz prior to body modification