Malaysia Hosts the Miss Universe of Chickens

Who doesn’t enjoy a good beauty pageant, whether it’s to admire the contestants and their striking gowns, or just to hear the answer to the question about “world peace.” There’s Miss America, Miss USA, Miss World, Miss Universe, and the list goes on. However, there’s one particular beauty pageant that you may not be familiar with and it doesn’t exactly involve human beings — the chicken beauty pageant. It’s pretty much as the name suggests — a beauty pageant for chickens. They’re not just any chickens, though. The pageant contestants are Serama chickens, which are especially petite. Serama chickens — which comes from the word “Rama”, a title referring to Thai royalty — were originally pets owned by state sultans in Malaysia. At these pageants, the petite poultry are judged based on their wings, feathers, tail, color and comb. Besides their looks, the chickens' style and confidence are also a contributing factor to winning the title, which can fetch up to $10,000. In addition, the winner's eggs can be sold at a higher price. Winner-winner, chicken dinner!