Couple Names Their Daughter After Internet Provider To Get Free WiFi For 18 Years

To what lengths are you willing to go to get a free WiFi? A couple has named their newborn daughter after an Internet service to get free WiFi for 18 years. The new daddy spotted an advertisement on Facebook from a Swiss start-up company called Twifi, which offered free WiFi for 18 years to anyone who named their child after the company. If one has a daughter, her name would be Twifia and if one has a son, his name would be Twifus. The new parents wish to remain anonymous because they don’t want to have to justify their decision. They gave their baby girl the middle name Twifia and said they would put the money they would have spent on WiFi in a savings account for their daughter. They hope that she'll use the money to buy a car when she grows up. Twifia’s mother was a bit hesitant initially, but later agreed. Twifi founder and CEO Philippe Fotsch said that even if his company goes bust, he has a code of honor that requires him to still pay for the couple’s Internet until their daughter reaches the age of 18.