What’s Most Likely To Kill You?

It’s always distressing and tragic when we hear a report of a shark attack, but what’s the actual likelihood of dying due to a shark encounter? How concerned are you about this when you go swimming, and how concerned should you be? To determine how likely you are to die of something, there’s a measurement called a “micromort” — a unit of risk defined as a one-in-a-million chance of death. For example, skydiving represents 7 micromorts, meaning each time someone parachutes out of a plane they have a 7-in-a-million chance of dying. In general, the average American faces around 1 micromort of risk everyday, or about a one-in-a million chance they'll be killed by something, whether it's an accident, an asteroid or something else. Life is finite and all human activities are risky. Although we all face a certain risk of dying each time we breathe, that's not enough reason to prevent us from living our lives. Just makes sure you weigh the risk against the reward.