Surprising Cases Of “It Ain’t Stupid If It Works”

Don’t worry about implementing an idea you’ve just come up with if it really works. The world is full of critics, and most of the time their criticism comes from a place of jealousy. According to Bence Nanay, Research Professor of Philosophy at the University of Antwerp says we are influenced by various cognitive biases that we’re not aware of. “The music we are listening to influences our opinion of the wine we drink, the weight of the spoon influences how creamy we find the yogurt, and our moral assessment of strangers depends on what movie we’ve just watched. I call this the ‘We’re All Stupid’ paradigm,” said Nanay. To prove his point, here are some great ideas that were probably viewed as ridiculous, but actually turned out to serve a real purpose.

Everybody laughed at Rae for painting rocks to look like strawberries, but she found out if you put them around your berry plants and bushes before the fruit appears, the birds peck at the rocks. Once they figure out they’re hard, they’ll leave the fruit alone when it appears.

After repeating six times that he wanted to cancel his Comcast Xfinity account, Mark finally figured out how to get them to stop arguing and actually do what he was asking.

When Daman’s grandfather got tired of having to pull open a series of hardware drawers to find just the right bolt or screw, he decided to label the drawers. Ingenious!

Kristen’s dog Rolo had always been a messy drinker, so she decided to kill two birds with one stone, so to speak. She placed Rolo’s water bowl inside a moss garden. Now Rolo can be a messy drinker and the garden gets watered at the same time.

People are getting creative in this pandemic-driven world, and a woman named Lyra came up with the perfect solution for having to wear a mask all day, every day. She sewed a button to a headband to keep from destroying her ears.

Ken’s dog is so small he can sneak through the fence when he goes outside, so he decided to fit him with an escape-proof weiner bun at potty time.

There’s always that one person who goes the extra mile in coming up with a solution on the fly, and this guy is it. He needed a suit for a photo, but didn’t have one, so……