Profane Parrots Removed From Zoo Display Because of Rude Language

A British zoo said five parrots were removed from public display after the birds spent their time in quarantine together teaching each other to shout profanities. The Lincolnshire Wildlife Park said the five African grey parrots — named Eric, Jade, Elsie, Tyson and Billy — were given to the facility by five different owners in the same week, so the birds were put into quarantine together before going on display and the time alone gave the birds time to teach one another their favorite swear words. The birds were put on public display, but soon removed when zookeepers discovered the outcome of their time together. "It just went ballistic, they were all swearing,” said zoo CEO Steve Nichols. Nichols said zoo officials are hoping that keeping the birds separated will give them an opportunity to clean up their language before returning to public display.