Can Acorns Predict a Rough Winter?

While many people think weather lore is more whimsical than wise, it’s hard to discount natural forecasters, especially when most of them are based on years of observation. Handed down from generation to generation, much of the weather lore has been altered. However, some that have remained the same have proven to be quite accurate, and that includes squirrels. If you see squirrels with heavy fur and fat, fluffy tails, they’re dressing for a cold winter. Another thing our furry friends do to warn us of an impending harsh winter is gather acorns, and beefier acorns mean more meat for the squirrels to munch. If squirrels in your area are burying acorns in the ground, there’s no need to worry about overworking your snow shovel. If, however, you see them shimmying up the trees with a mouthful of acorns, you’d better batten down the hatches.