California Town Bans Candy From Grocery Store Checkout Aisles

The checkout aisle of grocery stores isn't home to just a cash register; there's also a variety of candies, chips, and sweets you can pick up. This front-of-store promotion is often where kids of all ages can get their sugar cravings satisfied, but it also helps push and market junk food. The City of Berkeley believes that changing the products available in the checkout aisle might have a positive effect on combatting obesity, so they enacted a law banning junk food products from that location in grocery stores. The new law applies to grocery stores larger than 2,500 square feet and restricts products to those with no more than 5 grams of added sugar or less than 250mg of sodium per serving. Junk food itself isn’t banned from stores, and can be found in the regular candy, chips and snack aisles. How this law will change snacking habits, and whether it catches on nationwide, will be seen when it goes into effect in March 2021. Enforcement via health inspections will begin in 2022.