Woman Was Shocked To Discover Who Her Stalker Was

In December 2015, Amanda Playle, a mother of three from East Sussex in England, received a Facebook friend request from a man named Anthony Reynolds, someone she had dated once in high school. The two began talking, but when Anthony suggested they meet for a drink, Amanda decided to cease all contact with him. Two weeks later, Anthony contacted Amanda again, but his message became more sinister. He branded her a cheater and told her she was unfit to be a mother. Despite unfriending Anthony, Amanda continued to get messages from him. Shutting down her social media account for good, Amanda soon began receiving emails from Anthony, threatening both her and her family. Not long after, Anthony began emailing members of Amanda’s family, as well as spreading rumors among her colleagues at work about their relationship. For almost two years, the stalking continued, and eventually Anthony began telling Amanda what she was wearing. Against the advice of her husband, Amanda went to the police. It wasn’t long before their investigation yielded the name of the her real stalker. It ended up to be Amanda’s own husband, Paul Playle. Paul was tried, convicted of stalking and coercive and controlling behavior and was sentenced to 3½ years in prison.