Woman Turns Cat Yellow After Using Turmeric For Cat’s Fungal Infection

Thammapa Supamas was worried about her cat’s fungal infection, so she asked her mother for advice. Her mother suggested applying turmeric — an Indian spice and medicinal herb used to treat infections. Supamas painted her cat, Ka-Pwong, with the spice, deciding to paint her whole body to prevent future infections. Unfortunately, the turmeric scrub changed the color of the cat’s fur, even though it started working. Once Supamas saw that her cat had turned a bright yellow, she quickly tried to wash it off, to no avail. According to her vet, the color should fade away in about three months. Supamas has been cautioned not to repeat the treatment using turmeric. The good news is that Ka-Pwong is no longer licking and scratching at her skin and the infection appears to be completely gone.