This Bookstore Only Sells One Book At a Time

You’re in a bookstore with a stack of books, but you know you should really only buy one or two. You just can’t decide which books to put back, so you stand there. Eventually, you buy all 12, only four of which you’ll read before you get tempted to hit the bookstore again. What if there was a bookstore that offered a peaceful, minimalist solution to that problem? Actually, there is, but it’s in the district of Ginza in Tokyo. Each week, owner Yoshiyuki Morioka chooses one book and then sells only that book for the next six days at Morioka Bookstore. As well as allowing customers to relax, free from the overwhelming task of choosing, Morioka hopes the store will act as an exhibition space as well. For example, when selling a book on flowers, the store exhibits the flowers that actually appear in the book. Although Morioka Bookstore has only been open since May, it’s already a success, and Morioka has sold more than 2,000 books so far.