The X-Files Episode That Was So Scary That FOX Banned It From Re-Airing

During its long original run on FOX, The X-Files was no stranger to pushing content boundaries, but one Season 4 episode took things to the limit. While it's main mythology plotline may have revolved around alien invasions, government conspiracies, incurable viruses, and other sci-fi trappings, The X-Files was also very much a horror show. For many, the most memorable episodes were the standalone "monster of the week" stories, which featured some of the creepiest monsters to ever grace the small screen. While most of the villains were of the supernatural variety, some were entirely too human monsters, which served to illustrate that people can be as terrifying as creatures hiding in the shadows. FOX demanded that the episode entitled “Home” carry a viewer discretion warning and it carried the only TV-MA rating ever placed on an X-Files episode. “Home” is an episode full of disturbing content, including graphic violence, harsh murders, shockingly mutated people, rampant inbreeding, and even dead, deformed babies. Oddly enough, both viewers and critics loved the episode, deeming it one of the best X-Files episodes ever. Now, thanks to streaming services like Hulu and Netflix, the episode can once again be viewed on a streaming channel or on DVD/Blu-Ray.