The U.S. Once Sent Mail By Rocket

Rocket mail is the delivery of mail by rocket or missile. The rocket lands by deploying an internal parachute upon arrival. One of the first successful deliveries of mail by rocket in the United States was on Feb. 23, 1936, when two rocket airplanes that were launched from New York landed in New Jersey, less than 100 yards away. During the mid-1950s, amateur rocketeers flew a number of mail-carrying rockets from California to Colorado and into Arizona. Despite the U.S. Postal Service’s enthusiasm, the Department of Defense believed that the cost of using missile mail could never be justified. While during the 1920s a letter between Europe and the U.S. wouldn’t arrive for a least a week after mailing, by the 1950s air mail crossed the Atlantic Ocean in as little as one day. Since that was the case, the D.O.D. saw no need for rocket mail and that was that.