The Unusual Business of Madame Popova

Madame Popova was a Russian woman arrested in 1909 for running a murder-for-hire service that spanned 30 years. She was particularly approached by oppressed wives who wanted their abusive husbands killed off, and in total claimed to have “liberated" over 300 women. Her chose method of was poison. She admitted using a metallic dust. The sharp metal particles were placed in a meal and lodged somewhere in the intestine, causing inflammation that led to death. However, Popova's business came to an end when one of her female clients tipped off the authorities after feeling guilty for having her spouse murdered. Popova boasted to the police that she had done excellent work and told of how she had never killed a woman. After being sentenced to death, Popova was rescued from an angry mob by Tsarist soldiers who wanted her to burn at the stake. Instead, without remorse, she was executed before a firing squad and died happy to have "freed unhappy wives from their tyrants.”