Massive Road Bridge Built Around Tiny House of Very Stubborn Owner

A newly opened highway in China’s Guangdong province has been making headlines for a very peculiar reason: it’s built around a tiny home. China is well-known for its “nail houses” — properties of owners who reject compensation from a developer for their demolition — but while most such examples are encountered within new residential complexes, this one stands in the middle of a highway bridge. The owner of the modest 430-square-foot, one-story house — known only as Ms. Liang — said the Government failed to provide her with a replacement property in an ideal location, though the government insists it offered her two flats and compensation in the amount of 1.3 million yuan ($186,500). Ms. Liang rejected the offer, countering with a request for four flats and 2 million yuan ($287,000). She's the only person out of a total of 47 homeowners and seven firms who still lives there. After failing to reach an agreement with Ms. Liang, the government had no choice but to alter their original project and build the bridge around her house. A government spokesperson said negotiations with Ms. Liang will continue.