Greedy Lottery Winner Ends Up Losing It All

Some people will go to any lengths to get their hands on money, and when big lottery jackpots are at stake, the consequences can sometimes be dire. In the case of lottery winner Denise Rossi, an extreme attempt at safeguarding her fortune backfired drastically. In December 1996, Rossi was living in Los Angeles with Thomas Rossi, her husband of 25 years. The couple was described as homebodies who shared everything. In early 1997, however, Denise filed for divorce, saying that her husband was always out of work, which put a strain on their relationship. Thomas was shocked, since they had been such a happy couple. Little did he know the motivation behind his wife’s decision was her greediness — she had won the lottery and didn’t want to share any of the money with him. Two years after the divorce, Thomas received a piece of mail addressed to his ex-wife from a company that provides lump sums to lucky lottery winners. That's when he discovered the real reason for the divorce. Because Denise never disclosed that she had won a large amount of lottery throughout the divorce proceedings, Thomas was able to obtain a court injunction shortly after learning the truth. In the end, a judge awarded all of Denise’s lottery winnings to her ex-husband, including what she had already spent, which meant she owed him that as well.