Fraud Stunt Backfires On UK Man

A UK man claiming that the loss of the personal data of millions of Britons was a “storm in a teacup" found out the hard way that the proof is in the pudding. British Who Wants To Be a Millionaire host Jeremy Clarkson printed his bank details in a newspaper to try to make the point that his money would be safe and that the whole idea of identity theft is a sham. He also gave instructions on how to find his address and details about the car he drives. It wasn't long before his plan backfired. In a rare moment of humility, Clarkson revealed that his details had been used to scam him out of $650. The bank is unable to determine who perpetrated the scam, set up as a direct debit, and now Clark says he’s being punished for the mistake he made in claiming identity theft is a sham. It’s true what they say about karma.