Court Awards $15.6 Million For Coffee “Mug"

In 1986, model Russell Christoff posed for a 2-hour Nestle photo shoot, but figured it was a bust, since he never heard from them again ........ until he stumbled across his likeness on a jar of coffee while shopping at a drug store in 2011. Christoff filed suit against Nestle USA for using his likeness without his permission. Nestle offered Christoff $100,000, which he declined. Instead, he offered to settle for $8.5 million. When Nestle declined, the case went to court, where Christoff presented a written contract that spelled out the terms of his modeling agreement with Nestle. The court sided with Christoff, awarding him $15.6 million for unauthorized use of his likeness on Nestle's Taster's Choice coffee labels. As Christoff pointed out afterwards, Nestle should have settled for $8.5 million when they had the chance.