Clever Cat Schemes To Get Fed At Two Places

Cole Clark, who lives in the UK, has always allowed her long-haired Siberian cat to go out on her own, without worrying about her whereabouts. However, one weekend 11-year-old Tula arrived home with a paper collar attached. The note read: “Does this cat have a home.” It turns out that Tula was living a double life, spending some of her time at home and some of her time at Toby Carvery restaurant. Apparently, Tula decided that what she was eating at home wasn’t enough, so she branched out. Clark went down to the restaurant to explain that Tula wasn’t a stray cat. There, she discovered the staff was thrilled that Tula wasn’t homeless. They went on to explain that every day the feline showed up and was fed prawns for lunch. Apparently satisfied with how her trip turned out, Tula returned for dinner…..and the rest is history. There’s just one problem — now Clark says Tula snubs her cat food at home. One thing Clark is happy about is the fact that Tula’s brothers haven’t caught on to her scam and followed her to Toby Carvery yet.