Ageless Man is 53, But Looks 30

Edson Brandao is a personal trainer and writer from Brazil, and because of his age-defying looks, he has taken social media by storm. Despite being 53 years old, he's often mistaken for a 20- to 30-year-old. Photos of Edson when he was younger show that he doesn’t appear to be aging at all. He swears he has never undergone any cosmetic procedures, but simply lives a healthy lifestyle. Edson says he uses moderation in eating, avoiding sugar, fast-food, snacks, fried foods, and soda. He does, however, admit to using daily anti-aging creams on his skin. After all the attention his looks have gotten on social media, Edson decided to set up his own website, where he shares healthy living tips. He has also written a book, Young After 40. “I am the evidence that a human-being can stay and feel young even as you get older. The first step to maintaining a youthful appearance is to accept and love yourself. You are okay as you are. Then, create a daily routine of skin care, exercises, to eat and drink healthy, always look on the bright side of life and count your blessings.”