A Wily Fox With a Passion For Fashion

In Berlin, Germany, a fox has embarked on a crime spree that puts Dora the Explorer’s Swiper completely to shame. Residents of the city of Zehlendorf spent weeks scratching their heads as shoes continued disappear from their stoops and patios overnight. After posting about the mystery on a neighborhood watch site and reading accounts from various bewildered barefooters, a local man named Christian Meyer began to think the thief might be a fox — and he was right. Meyer caught sight of the fox with a mouthful of flip-flop and followed him to a field, where he found more than 100 stolen shoes. The fox appears to have an affinity for Crocs, but the cache also contained sandals, sneakers, a pair of rubber boots, and one black ballet flat, among other footwear. Unfortunately, Meyer’s own missing running shoe was nowhere to be seen. The fate of Zehlendorf’s furriest burglar remains unclear.