When It Pays To Be An Illusionist

Being an illusionist has its advantages, such as when David Copperfield made his wallet and mobile phone vanish into thin air after he was confronted by real-life armed robbers in Florida. Copperfield and two assistants were walking to their tour bus after his show at a performing arts center in West Palm Beach when four teenagers pulled up in a car behind them. According to police, two of the youths jumped from the car and ordered the group at gunpoint to hand over their valuables. One assistant handed over $400 from her pocket, while the other assistant gave them her purse containing $100, her passport, plane tickets and mobile phone. When Copperfield’s turn came, he turned out his pockets — apparently empty — but, in fact, containing his wallet, passport and mobile phone. "Call it reverse pickpocketing,” said Copperfield. The teens drove off and Copperfield called police, providing them with the car’s license plate. Within 10 minutes, the assailants were nabbed and the valuables were recovered. For his part, Copperfield said that he had no hard feelings and looked forward to visiting West Palm Beach in the future.